Apple Studio 27 Inch - 5K Display Standard Glass Tilt-Adjustable Stand

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Apple Studio 27 Inch - 5K Display Standard Glass Tilt-Adjustable Stand
Apple Studio 27 Inch - 5K Display Standard Glass Tilt-Adjustable Stand
Regular price 539.000 KD
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    • 27" 5K Display:
    • Standard Glass Design
    • Tilt-Adjustable Stand
    • High Color Accuracy
    • Wide Color Gamut
    • Compatibility
    • True Tone Technology
    • Slim Design
    • High-Brightness Capability
    • Energy Efficiency

    Additional Features:

    • 27" 5K Display: It's likely that the display is a high-resolution 5K panel, offering a pixel-dense and sharp visual experience suitable for professional tasks like video editing, graphic design, and content creation.
    • Standard Glass Design: The "Standard Glass" likely refers to the type of glass used in the display panel. Apple often emphasizes the quality of the materials they use, so this glass might be of high quality to ensure color accuracy, clarity, and durability.
    • Tilt-Adjustable Stand: The key feature here is the tilt-adjustable stand. This would allow users to adjust the angle of the display to find a comfortable viewing position. This is important for ergonomics and preventing discomfort during extended usage.
    • High Color Accuracy: Apple displays are known for their color accuracy, which is crucial for professionals who rely on precise color representation in their work.
    • Wide Color Gamut: It's likely that the display supports a wide color gamut, which means it can reproduce a larger range of colors. This is important for tasks such as photo and video editing.
    • Compatibility: The display is likely to be designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices, including Mac computers. It might support Thunderbolt or USB-C connections for high-speed data transfer and video connectivity.
    • True Tone Technology: Apple often incorporates True Tone technology into their displays, which adjusts the color temperature of the screen to match the ambient lighting conditions, reducing eye strain and making the display look more natural.
    • Slim Design: Apple's displays tend to have slim and sleek designs, fitting well into modern workspaces.
    • High-Brightness Capability: To support tasks like video editing and content creation, the display might have a high brightness level, allowing for accurate editing even in well-lit environments.
    • Energy Efficiency: Apple usually incorporates energy-efficient technologies into their products to meet environmental standards and reduce power consumption.


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