Billing Terms and Conditions


Seller refers to the website owner – the person to whom the order for the purchase has been given. (Digits is the Seller)

Buyer refers to the person or organization placing the order. (The customer is the Buyer)

Goods or services refers to the product(s) for which the buyer has placed an order for with the seller.


All payments are due upon completion of order. If a payment is not received or the payment method is declined the order will not be placed for the products and no items will be shipped. The only exception is the payment method (Cash on Delivery – CoD). The order will be dispatched, however, it will only be delivered/handed over in exchange for payment. The buyer forfeits the ownership of any items due to non-payment. We accept: Visa – Master Card – K-Net – Cash on Delivery

Shipping Policies

Shipping will be paid for by the buyer in the amount calculated by the seller at the time of purchase. Shipping costs are subject to the buyer’s location of delivery

Refund/Return Policy

According to the implementation list for Kuwait’s Consumer Protection Law 39 / 2014 – Chapter Six: Product replacement and return regulations – Rule 24

“1- The customer has the right to replace products or return them and be fully refunded within a time period of 14 days from the date of purchase unless there is an exception announced by the seller or the product is known to have a longer grace period”

According to the implementation list for Kuwait’s Consumer Protection Law 39 / 2014 – Chapter Six: Product replacement and return regulations – Rule 25

“The customer has no right to request a replacement or return in the following cases:

1- If the customer knows about the problem or defect that exists in the product beforehand and it is recorded in the invoice and the customer accepted the product at such condition.

2- The product’s nature or its packaging nature prevents it from being replaced or returned in a way which makes it impossible to resell the product unless the product contained manufacturing problems or defects that differ from the default conditions. Please see our return policy for more detailed information: return policy.


An order may be cancelled up until it is dispatched for delivery.


Any complaints about items or the seller should be submitted to our support team. Please email: There is no guarantee of a resolution. Each case will be looked at individually and the seller will be in contact.


The seller is not responsible for any health or safety concerns once the buyer has received the goods or services. If any harm is incurred from the items purchased by the buyer, the seller shares no responsibility.

Any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of the state of Kuwait.

These billing terms and conditions are subject to change.

Your use of this website and placement of an order indicates you are in agreement with these billing terms and conditions.